About New Directions

New Directions provides a variety of management services for healthcare practices, from single practitioner to multi-specialty, multi-practitioner practices to ambulatory surgery centers.

You take your medical practice seriously, and so do we. We have decades of management experience in healthcare. We’ve grown businesses, turned businesses around, and are the trusted advisors to physicians.

We love what we do. Our team is passionate about providing services that bring you peace of mind – and let you focus on taking care of your patients. Since 1996, we’ve focused on our three-part brand promise:


Ethics and Integrity – How we conduct business
Performance – We expect the best in each member of our team
Solid Financial Background – We know how to help your practice achieve financial stability and grow



Mission - To be the leader in providing revenue cycle services and management to medical providers in health care services.


Core Values - New Directions is dedicated to the following core values:

  • Clients - Their satisfaction is our primary goal.

  • Teamwork - Our greatest strength is our motivated and passionate team.

  • Integrity - The absolute guide towards our clients, team members, vendors, and the environment.

  • Excellence - Our constant pursuit.

  • Sharing - Proactive sharing of information to enhance client performance.


Corporate Quality Statement - The goal of New Directions is to satisfy and exceed our clients’ expectations 100% of the time. To achieve this goal, we expect all of our employees and vendors to do the following:

  • Develop and maintain a quality management system that specifies the appropriate procedures which will result in products and services that satisfy our clients’ expectations.

  • Integrate our quality system into our daily work activities so that it becomes our “way of life.”

  • Provide training and resources, as needed, so that we are all knowledgeable regarding our systems.

  • Adhere to the procedures so that, as a team, we provide 100% compliance which insures meeting our clients’ needs.
  • Continually improve our systems to maximize the benefits of high quality, thoroughness, and, most importantly, a high level of customer satisfaction.


Objectives - Our main objectives are to:

  • Provide the highest quality revenue cycle services and management to our clients;
  • Maintain a high standard of quality, excellence, and integrity; and
  • Be the leader in all aspects of revenue cycle services and management.


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It's About Choices

  • Medical practices have been underserved and overcharged by practice management companies. When we look around at the choices in practice management companies, either you can choose from a sole proprietor, a small, family-owned and operated company, or a large corporation where you will be one of thousands of clients. Too often, your business needs are neglected if you choose one of these options.