Case Studies

It’s all about results. Our clients have experienced the following:

  • Revenue Increases
    • Using revenue cycle improvements and efficiency standardization for process improvement, our client had a 32% increase in revenue with a 39% increase in net income available for physician distribution in the first year.
    • Physician W2 income increased 22% with 5.2% increase in RVU through a result of higher reimbursements, effective collections, and increased capacity to see more patients per hour on average.
  • Increase in Frequency of Procedures
    • Through expansion of profitable cycles and expansion of available chairs, our client experienced a 28% increase in chemotherapy treatments.
  • Increased Appointment Availability
    • Our client experienced a 22% increase in the number of new patients through appointment template changes.
    • By analyzing schedule availability and implementing process improvements, we helped our client implement same-day appointment availability.
  • Practice Growth
    • We helped our client successfully recruit four physicians for a growing practice.
  • Reduction in Accounts Receivable
    • We helped our client reduce their accounts receivable days from 63 to 42 days, improving cash flow immediately.
  • Health Plan/Payer Contracting
    • By successfully negotiating with this practice’s health plans/payers, we helped our client achieve a 15% increase in reimbursement.
  • Practice Expansion
    • We helped our client expand into an additional satellite through demographic study results.
  • Expense Reduction
    • Our client had a 12% decrease in personnel cost savings through effective management of personnel and staff hours.



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  • Whether you want to:
    - Increase revenue
    - Increase service availability
    - Reduce operational expenses
    - Recruit new physicians
    - Improve health plan/payer contracts
  • ...we look forward to helping you meet your practice goals.